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Welcome Fellow Parent!

The purpose of Common Sense for Our Common Good: A Parent Guide To Good Schools is to make critical information about good schools available to you so you know what makes your child’s school a good one and how you can assist your child’s school to become better. It puts a premium on common sense linked to research and effective practices by identifying basic components that all good schools should have.

Common Sense for Our Common Good also suggests ways by which you, in your parental role as school parent partner, children’s advocate and informed educational consumer, can be effective in supporting and promoting a good school.

Raising expectations for every child and clearing their way toward learning success and a purposeful life is what all good schools do. As parents we can be powerful champions for good schools because we recognize the important role schools play in our child’s life and we believe in the brilliance and potential in every child!

Supporting your child and your childs school is not just the right thing to do but also the most sensible and productive thing to do. Education is a thoughtful and prudent investment in the brilliance within every child. That investment will reap human and societal benefits both today and into the future.

It’s just common sense. Common sense for our common good.

How Do You, As A Parent, Make Sense of It All?

So how can you know when a school is operating to its full potential around maximizing the learning and human potential for your child and for every child? Common Sense for Our Common Good provides a roadmap for you to sort through a thicket of educational, social and political complexities by providing answers to two crucial questions:

  • What makes a good school good?
  • What can you do to help make your child's school better?

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