About Common Sense For Our Common Good and Jim Baumann

As parents, we all want the very best for our children. But nobody can do it alone. The road to a well-rounded, successful and purposeful life for every child is made possible with the help of good schools. It’s crucially important for parents, educators and the surrounding community to unite as a powerful champion for good schools and for all children to have the opportunity to realize their full learning and human potential.

I attended public schools, as did my wife and our three kids. I have been a teacher, coach, a CEO of a billion-dollar business and CEO of a national multi-million dollar non-profit. I served as chairman of a foundation that recognizes and helps develop highly effective educators and I have been a board member for both my local school board as well as my state board of education. I’ve worn many hats. But to me, the most important role I’ve ever played is that of a parent. Like you, I am dedicated to my children and strive to be a thoughtful, engaged, supportive and loving parent.

I have been engaged in the education arena for over three decades and I spent considerable time searching for organized, parent-focused information about what is needed for schools to be at their very best. I never found that resource. So I decided to dedicate myself to creating a cohesive book and in-person multimedia presentation that brings clarity to what makes a good school good and describes what can you do to make your child’s school better.

Common Sense for Our Common Good, in both book and multimedia presentation form, has one simple goal: to educate, empower and inform you, as a parent, about good schools along with providing you the tools you may need to make certain that your child, and all children, are realizing their full learning and human potential.

I’d love to hear from you. Please contact me anytime with any questions or comments. Many thanks.

 – Jim –